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Albany Theatre Supply, Co. is your one stop for all of your stage curtain, lighting, rigging, sound equipment and other stage supply needs. With decades of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction,  we can't wait to get to know you and help elevate your event or transform your production space.


Call us today to discuss your stage, sound and lighting needs!


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Stage Curtains and Tracks:


Albany Theatre Supply has been supplying stage curtains for over 75 years!  Whether you are looking for a basic curtain for a small stage or a full main curtain, valance and complete cyclorama setting, we can supply them all.  We can provide replacement stage and window curtains fabricated in beautiful flame retardant theatrical velours and in many other flame retardant fabrics.  We provide scrims and back drops in a variety of colors and fabrics. Ask about our bulk fabrics such as muslin, scrim, commando, encore velour and more.


We also provide installation, repair and adjustment of stage curtain tracks and hardware, as well as cleaning and repair of damaged stage and window curtains. 

Call us to discuss your stage curtain needs and we’ll be happy to provide you with fabric swatches and a price quote.

Flame Proofing:


Although some variation in local law, it is generally required to show proof of flame retardancy for all stage curtains, window curtains and stage fabrics. We provide on site cleaning and flame proofing for all your required fabrics. We also provide dry cleaning and flame proofing by submersion, this process involves removal of the curtains which are sent to the factory for complete cleaning, repair, and flame proofing. We provide a certificate of flame retardancy upon completion of this process.

35mm Projection Equipment:

All maintenance and repair of 35mm projection booth equipment is provided by our experienced technician. Call to schedule an appointment.

Stage Lighting and Dimming Equipment:


Our experienced technicians provide complete service for your stage lighting fixtures, control boards, dimming systems, and special effects.

Audio Systems:

We provide service and repair of speakers, amplifiers, microphones, and all of your audio equipment.

Stage Inspections:


The stage area is one of the most used spaces in your facility. Musical events, plays, conferences, and rehearsals, all occur in this area. We often find that inexperience and improperly hung sets and props turn stages into potential accidents waiting to happen.  We offer a complete inch by inch inspection of your stage, including stage curtains and tracks, counter weight systems, lighting, and all over head rigging and hardware.



To learn more about the services we offer, please contact us today.



Albany Theatre Supply Co. is a third generation 75+ year old family owned theatre supply business.

Sometime in the late 30’s or early 40’s our grandfather, John A. Bylancik, began a small business buying movie posters from first run local movie houses and renting them to second run houses. This became the business Theatre Displays which was later purchased by National Screen Corporation, which employed John A Bylancik as their sole local employee. He apparently supplemented his poster rental business by supplying other products to his theatre customers.

In October of 1946, this became Albany Theatre Supply Company, a partnership between John A Bylancik and his son-in-law John E McGrath, father of the current owners. John E McGrath became the driving force developing this into a complete cinema supply business supplying projection equipment, screens, sound systems, seats, etc to hundreds of theatres and drive-ins throughout the Northeast.. The partnership purchased its commercial building at 443 North Pearl St in 1952 and incorporated in 1955. It gradually expanded its product offerings and began selling commercial cleaning supplies to the theatres.

During the late 1950’s television began to threaten the movie industry and the janitorial division, known as ATSCO Products, began to take on added importance. At the beginning of the 1970’s Ruth M. (McGrath) Sano and Richard T. McGrath formed the next generation of the business. John A. Bylancik, founder of the company died in 1972. The movie industry changed during this period. Local theatres were forced out of business by large national chains. This gradually destroyed our customer base of independent movie houses. The theatre division similarly broadened its product mix supplying sound systems, lighting systems, curtains, rentals and night club equipment to cinemas, DJs, colleges, schools and theatre groups throughout the region.

Our original corporate name, Albany Theatre Supply Co. Inc., continued to attract a customer base seeking supplies for live stage; spotlights, dimmers, curtains and sound systems. Thomas F. McGrath joined the corporation in 1978 and developed this division. During the 1980’s ownership was transferred to Richard and Thomas F. McGrath and to Ruth M. Sano, the current owners.


In June of 1986 Richard T. McGrath became President of the company. John E. McGrath died in November of 1990.  ATSCO Products sold in 2015, and Albany Theatre Supply, Co., the part of the company that started it all, continues to serve New York's Capital District and beyond through the hard work, customer service and leadership of Tom McGrath.



Tom McGrath

Albany Theatre Supply LLC

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